Using parabolics

In emergencies and other times it is easy to grab an old satellite dish, mirror it with foil Mylar, or even pieces of real mirror and use it for a good number of things.

Satellite dish used for roasting coffee
Even in afternoon sunlight it focuses well.
Also you can use this to start charcoal briquettes. No need to use harsh chemicals or other nasty stuff.

This dish has been lined with 2 inch round mirrors. They are glued on with normal carpenters white glue and every once in a while one falls out, but it is easy to reglue. Always be very careful when using parabolic‘s like this to never ever ever leave it focused and forgotten where it may eventually catch something on fire. Never. You may burn down your house or someone else’s house. Never said it in a car to transport where the sun can’t get to it or certainly you may lose your car. Always set parabolic‘s upside down when not used to eliminate the chance of fire.

A satellite dish can boil a quart of water in just over 20 minutes. This is a brown quart beer bottle which absorbs the heat well. ( note I only drink beer to get the bottles. It is a sacrifice in the name of science.) The bottle must be full of water or liquid at the beginning or else there is a very high chance that the heat energy will shatter the bottle. You must be careful if you want to try this and if a bottle ever breaks immediately stop what you are doing and clean up all the glass.