I’m learning how to blog. Woohoo!

Hi, I’m Craig and taking the beginners course for new bloggers from word press.

I want to blog about transitioning away from our wasteful misuses of energy and look for solutions for a less energy intensive new world. The planet uses something like 100 million barrels of oil a day and this number seems to be rising. I do not believe that the center of the earth is a yummy nugget of oil, that oil is a finite resource, and that we have burned through too much of it in the last 100 years. What is scary is that there are no seeming plans in place for when oil gets more expensive and hard to get. I have been playing with solar energy for the last few decades and want to share some of the cool things I have discovered to help us all get off grid and use less of these irreplaceable resources. The sun is free Energy. We need to start using it.

Well that’s my first official blog lesson so I will try to post this and then onto lesson number two. Thank you.

Making CBDs with the Sun

Originally I created this as a photo since I am not well educated on blogging yet. The idea was that this is something you can download as a picture and either print out or copy onto your memory stick survival library for use after peak oil or any sort of emergency or disaster situation . Fortunately I just joined word press and I’m now reading through the material to learn how to blog. Rather than re-write the above I thought it would just be a good idea to paste this photo here.

I’m finding that learning how to blog is kind of like going back to school, and at 70 years old this is quite a challenge. And a lot of work. Thank you.

Dangers of parabolic reflectors

There are horror stories about solar reflectors catching things on fire. Even a standard commercial solar box oven is as dangerous as a mirrored parabolic.

The two Sun Ovens (above right) were cooking away on a nice sunny day, and I noticed a warm spot as I walked by. I searched around and finally found it.

It’s pretty easy to see the burn mark. It started on the right and moved toward the left as the sun passed across the sky.

Pretty easy to find the focal point and it gets real hot real quick.

And then I noticed that the two ovens were pointing at a wooden bench in the yard. When I looked closer I saw a little bit of smoke and then found that they were starting the bench on fire. It’s probably a real good thing I was paying attention, because I might’ve burned down the house.

It is always best to put your parabolic‘s away when you are not using them. Somewhere out of the sun or at least turn them upside down so that the sunlight cannot get at them. If you must leave them set up in the yard then make sure they are away from any combustible material. As the sun travels from east to west the reflected image moves from west to east and anything within that focal point is liable to catch fire. Be careful and be safe. Thank you.