A place for plans for post collapse

Many folks don’t believe in it, but so goes it. The rest of us can spend time debating how and why but to me it’s already baked in the cake. A good descriptive term I’ve learned is “cascading systems failure“. Or, the more complex a system is the more chance of breaking. Also consider the more complex, the more energy it will take to fix.

Less technical societies than ours learned to prepare for that one in seven years of famine. Hmmm. Don’t think we are quite there yet. They considered the future, but we favor consumption it appears rather than conservation. We need to be more future focused as the Green party suggests in their key values. It is our right to live our lives in any way we wish, but it is also our responsibility to provide for future generations to be able to live theirs also.

Being crafty critters as we are, we need to create design teams both here online and also in our neighborhoods to learn how to thrive going into the future. Collapse may be sudden or it may be gradual and let us pray that it is gradual. With that in mind this is the thrust of this website and blog. Otherwise we will certainly be all on our own that’s kind of freaky.

Ya work with what Ya got, and we got lots of stuff. Once gas gets too expensive we will give up our cars and learn less energy intensive ways of getting around. And we will learn to reuse all the good stuff that is in our cars. Generators, lights, wiring, glass, all kinds of stuff for a post collapse society. Anyway, an Ebike kit runs abound $500. A quality quiet 4-stroke scooter that will get 100 miles a gallon is just over $2000. A municipal bus pass for me, an elder, runs about $30 a month. Sadly we have not developed yet a good fast light rail system connecting local communities and the nation. Nor do we have many mini hyperlink tubes connecting the country for fast transport of goods and materials. Fresh produce from California to New York and half a day? It could be done.

So this will be my static page as I learn word press and set up the site. Learning this stuff is like going back to school, and at age 70 well, I find things go a lot slower than they used to. But it is a lot of fun. Thank you.